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This game was made by the code program python, and uses tkinter. For any 1.2 version you might need to install Python 3.5, and tkinter will come with it. Specific instructions is in the download and install instructions, so you might want to check that out if you are having any problems or you don't know how to do it. Tic - Tac - Toe, version 2.0, will try to change the installation so you don't need to install Python, but this is going to take some work and won't come out for quite some time.  Also, the 2.0 version will introduce some AI in the game, but only really for a test. Right now, you have to play with someone else, sorry for all of you loners. Once you do launch the game, it's pretty clear what happens next.

Install instructions

When you download the game, it is a .py file, which means Python. You might need to install Python 3.5 to use it, specifically 3.5.2. To run the game, click the file when it downloads. This will launch an exe. Do not close it, as of the game will close itself. Give it a few seconds to load. To use the game over and over again, drag and drop it somewhere in your computer where you can find it easily. If you run it and it just shows you code, then you need to install the Python.

WARNING: I set Linux to work with this but I'm not sure so please tell me if Linux does work with this!


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